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Grand Closing – Sweetie Pie’s Says Good-Bye To Memphis?

Sweetie Pies Memphis

So, where is Sweetie Pie’s? After all the fuss and hype it seems Memphis may not be Sweetie Pie’s next stop. A few months ago, I began hearing buzz about some of the issues happening with the project.

It’s been almost a year since it was announced that the dining spot was opening in Downtown Memphis. Surrounding businesses got excited about the potential boost in business and Memphis was residents were excited about the dining opportunity and exposure for the city.


Well, don’t hold your breath it looks like the plan to come to Memphis is either on hold or a thing of the past.

So, this is what I know.

According to WMC-TV5:

Local contractors say they are still waiting to be paid for work done on the building.

Aair-One Services owner David Burnett says his company has done $90,000 worth of work on the building, but has yet to be paid.

“We were supposed to get a check in the near future and it never came,” said Burnett.

But wait there is more.

Sweetie Pies

According to STL Today:

Robert Spence, a lawyer who represents Sweetie Pie’s on Beale LLC, blames a dispute between the restaurant and landlord.

“The decision to come to Memphis and open a restaurant is on a respirator,” Spence told The Commercial Appeal, the daily newspaper of Memphis, Tenn.

On Wednesday, Central Foods, which subleased the property at 349,Beale filed a complaint in Shelby County Chancery Court, alleging the restaurant breached its lease. Furniture for the restaurant, which never opened, was removed from the property this week.

So, if they don’t have a building and have already removed furniture from the establishment; is it clear that we will be saying good-bye to Sweetie Pie’s before we get to say hello?

Stay tuned. Guess I’ll see yall at Southern Hands.

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  1. That sucks like a big bag of legal liability. Hopefully some wonderful mediator will come along to help put the project back on track in Memphis on @BealeStreetMphs!

  2. From the looks of the building, It looks and is probably more a liability than an asset….No one wants to rent a building and have to in turn complete major repairs…Come to West Memphis Arkansas. Next to the casio “we would be glad to have you. Plus it’s a high traffic area for business”…..Go Sweetie Pies

    1. Hell no Nashville is the best location Memphis is to dangerous and Arkansas has nothing to offer

  3. You won’t see me at Southern Hands!!! Maybe Melanie’s, or Piccadillys, but definitely not Southern Hands! Poor service, slowful service, not even good eating, and expensive. My sister once waited an hour for cornbread muffins. I know because I was on the phone with her the entire hour, I thought she was back home and eating, she was still at the restaurant waiting. that’s just one incident regarding the much over rated place of business

    1. I’ve been to southern hands many times and it is always on point. It’s the best to me. All restaurants will have its bad days. Have you read some of sweetie pies reviews? No business is perfect.

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