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I’m Going Federal With Money Bagg Yo

I’m going Federal with Money Bagg Yo. It’s been said over and over again “Pretty Girls Love Trap Music”😉. Guess there really is some truth behind this statement. Over the years, I have grown an underlying respect for trap music. Minus the profanity, I must admit that this is the music I enjoy vibing to doing my daily commute.
My artist playlist has always been Yo Gotti, Jeezy, Mystikal, 2Chainz and Future just to name a few. Well, after much leisure listening I must add Money Bagg Yo to that list. Money Bagg is an artist that has grown on me.
Yes, I have always supported his music career because he is a Memphis native and he is d is CMG affiliated. These two alone were enough for me to jump on board. However, after listening to his material and adding him to my work out list, “dude go hard”, (excuse my Southern slang) Lol. Yo Gotti dropped $200,000+ cash on the table as a bonus for the Southern artist.
No, but seriously he is talented. Pause, now I’m familiar with the old Money Bagg material, but I do have a few new favorites. He dropped an early mixtape called Relentless in June of 2015. Let’s see there’s ‘Reflections, Don’t Know, Nonchalant, Doing To Much, Can’t Do It, and so many more. He recently performed at Yo Gotti’s 5th Birthday Bash and Yes, I was here for it. I sang along verses by verse, even adding in a few dance moves 💃!
Money Bagg joined forces with Yo Gotti in a joint effort entitled 2 Federal. He signed with CMG in late 2016. Shortly after he released Heartless, which charted on Billboard 200.
So the streets are talking and the noise is real. Money Bagg Yo is on the way to be the next big thing out of Memphis. With his CMG backing and the right team the sky is the limit for Demario White aka Money Bagg.
Keep your eyes open for Federal 3x’s coming soon. S/O to friend to the site DJ Larry Live.
I see the grind, love the art and respect the talent. Congrats to Money Bagg and the Bread Gang Movement.

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