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‘The Prince Of Soul’ Calvin Richardson Embrace Fans At 2013 Sisterhood Showcase

The 2013 Sisterhood Showcase was in full gear as celebrities, authors and radio/tv personalities made their way to downtown Memphis. I walked around the showcase in circle after circle careful not to miss any good shoots. However, there was the one guy who stood out to me. I did not know at first who he was. He was constantly posing with crowds of fans, sticking his head from back stage for pics and I even saw him jump the rail for fan shoots. He never once said, no. He took each picture with grace and he was extremely humble.

After getting closer, I noticed that it was ‘The Prince of Soul’ Calvin Richardson. I had just witnessed an artist who actually takes time out for his fans. I was in awww. So many times, I met artist who seem to be going no where fast, or seem to be to busy for the people who support their career. But, that was clearly not the attitude he displayed. You have to be careful how you treat others, because you never know who is watching. I didn’t get many snapshots of Calvin in action. But trust me homeboy was on it.


I finally went over and introduced myself. SN: He smelt so good. I forgot was I was about to say to him. Any who kudos to Calvin for giving his fans the time of day and being so approachable.


Stay Tuned Fans. I caught wind of the tweet below, after the show. It looks like him and Eric Benet may just be cooking up a hit.



Calvin, Xclusive Memphis salutes you. Listen to this cover he did on Bobby Womack’s song. Bro can blow.

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