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Memphis Monday – What’s On The Menu At Sweetie Pie’s In Memphis?

Is it safe to say the wait is over? This past week, famous restaurant chain Sweetie Pie’s opened its doors in Memphis.

The popular eatery was made famous by a reality television show was previously set to open in downtown Memphis; however plans were halted and then cancelled. (story here)

Although most were hesitant on believing that they would open in Memphis, they have put all doubts to rest.

The eatery has officially open their doors and is serving customers at the East Memphis location.

Robbie Montgomery son, Tim was spotted at the eatery hard at work.

Of course the eatery bares a sign with the name, but the biggest surprise is the words  ‘BBQ Shack’.

Yes, it is Sweetie Pie’s BBQ Shack. So I am going to answer (2) of the biggest questions asked.

  1. Is this the real Sweetie Pie’s or someone posing as them?

Yes, as mentioned above Tim has been spotted inside the eatery working. In addition, fans have stopped in to take pictures. And to put all the noise to rest Tim posted the above pic on his personal IG.

2. BBQ Shack? What are they selling?

Based on the menu: Ribs, BBQ Rib Tips, Pork Shoulder, Beef Shoulder, Chicken, Turkey legs, Brisket, Chicken Wings, Slaw, Beans, Potato Salad, Collard Greens, Yams, Mac & Cheese and Corn.

So the next time you are out East stop in at and check them out.

They are located at 3200 Hickory Hill Road, Memphis, TN 38118.



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  1. I went to Sweetie Pie BBQ to purchase a pork shoulder sandwich and proceeded to pay for it,and cashier asked if I wanted cole slaw on it,I replied yes,she stated that it costed $2.00 for the cole slaw,that’s crazy ,we are in Memphis.Who heard of such a thing a charge of $2.00 for cole slaw on a bbq sandwich.So I told her to cancel the order. You want get many customers this way.

  2. I went around noon on August 24 and was surprised at how small the place is. Inside, the only sign that this is associated with the restaurant in Missouri is an 8’x10′ frameless picture of Robbie Montgomery attached to the wall. The line crawled along slowly, but once they took my order the food came out quickly. I ordered the turkey ribs, mac & cheese and added on a fried chicken thigh. The turkey ribs had no smoked or grilled flavor. The only flavor came from the barbecue sauce that was slathered over the meat. The mac & cheese was a tasteless, congealed lump. The fried chicken was crisp, juicy, slightly spicy and golden brown. It turned out to be the star of my order. The meal was served with a bread similar to a Hawaiian roll. I cannot see any reason to return to this place. There are great barbecue restaurants and fried chicken places all over Memphis. I went seeking something special and found Sweetie Pie BBQ Shack to be especially bland.

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