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10 Survival Tips For ‘Can I Live Weekend’

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Tomorrow night kicks off one of the biggest weekends in Memphis. Annually,  Memphians look forward to the most epic weekends of the summer . The 2015 ‘Can I Live’ weekend is set to be one of the largest, most talked about and locally trending topics. I am sure you and/or your social media followers will fill up your time line with pictures and posts.

We wanted to jump ahead of the madness and give you (10) tips that will help you survive the madness.

(1) Buy tickets to all events in advance. Annually the events draws 1,000’s of party goers looking to have a great time. Getting your tickets in advance help you avoid the long lines and standing. There probably will be a line for people with tickets and then a line for those who need to buy tickets. If you know you are going to all events; be smart and buy a weekend pass.

(2) Arrive Early. Because this is one of the most anticipated and talked about weekends of the summer, there is always a crowd. Arriving early helps you avoid the line and you get a chance to party/dance before it’s standing room only.

(3) Wear comfortable clothing. Women please make sure your under garments are comfortable and loose. Wear comfortable shoes. To ensure you can dance and walk around and engage in the festivities, make sure you have practiced walking in your new shoes and broken them in. Also, make sure you have the right size shoes. It may not be a good idea to borrow your home girl shoes this weekend. There is nothing like going to a party and watching a women who can not walk in heels or who has taken them off because they hurt. You can not dance and party if your feet hurt.

(4) Always be camera ready. There will be lots of photographers out this weekend capturing the moment. Make sure you are always ready to strike a pose. There is also always a red carpet back drop at the annual all white.

(5) Stay hydrated. Most party-goers attend the full weekend of events. If that is you, be sure that you are staying hydrated. You don’t want to get sick while out enjoying yourself. It is already hot in Memphis. Add 1000’s of people in any venue and you are sure to bust a sweat.

(6) Dance. Have Fun. CGI’s annual all white party always brings out the elite part goers. However, every year there is a small group that thinks they are too cute to dance, so they stand around and watch. Who gets dressed up to go out to stand around? Dance, Mingle, Party, show off your new threads. Get off your phone.

(7) Charge your phone. Because social media runs the world, everyone will be taking selfies, checking in and/or posting updates. Be sure your cell phone is at 100% when you leave home. Trust me you will need it.

(8) Hygiene. Men and Ladies will be mingling and interacting the entire weekend. Make sure you have plenty of mint and gum. After several conversations and alcohol, you will need to refresh. So make sure you are equipped, before you get all up in someone’s face. And make sure your Degree is agreeable with you. It’s gonna be hot.

(9) Do Your Homework. For the older party goers, if you don’t know who Fetty Wap is; do me a favor and meet me at LOVE. I have had several people inbox and ask me who he is. Ask your children or go to Google. You’ll Thank me later. I have also had a few people post they don’t know who Kenny Burns is. Because I’m on the party and entertainment scene, I am familiar with Kenny. He is a well-known celebrity. He was in NOLA with me this past weekend. Google his name. Lastly, if you don’t know who Penny Haradaway is, just avoid going out this weekend and refrain from ever telling anyone you are from Memphis.

(10) Shout Out. Lastly, be sure to tell Curtis Givens, XM sent ya! 🙂


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