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2014 Sisterhood Showcase Put On Hold


First, the DUB Car Show announces that they will not be in Memphis this year (story here) and now the Sisterhood Showcase is on hold.

Wow! I am at a lost for words. These are two very popular events that attracts thousands of people to downtown Memphis. Not only are vendors losing out on money and potential customers; but the Memphis social scene is in need of more community/family oriented events.


Yesterday, it was announced that the annual event was out on how pending legal matters. Being that the Sisterhood Showcase is held in June of each year, does that mean we will have a fall showcase or maybe no showcase at all?

Although, I don’t know the politics behind each event; I know how difficult it can be to pull together events of this magnitude. With the recent passing of the founder (Tina Burchette) of Sisterhood Showcase, many speculated if the event would even continue to be held. This is the first time in 19 years that the event has been put on hold.

The founder’s daughter, Christina Stevison, took the reigns after her mother passed.

According to WMC-TV:

“She [Stevison] made a strategic decision to postpone it based upon pending litigation against individuals who were once part of her team,” said Bernal Smith, president and publisher of Tri-State Defender.

According to Smith, Stevison is seeking legal action against partners Toni Harvey and Chris Boyd, who were editor in chief and director of operations.

Smith says Harvey and Boyd decided to sever ties with Christina and Burchette’s Grace Magazine based on differences in how to proceed in business.

A new date for the event will not be set until the matter is resolved.


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