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Actress and Comedienne Kym Whitley Lands New Reality Show On Own Network


Did you know Kym Whitley has a reality show? I didn’t. Did you know Kym had a son? Well an adopted son? I didn’t. I had a chance to catch up on missed  episode and a few deleted scenes. It is really good and hilarious. Kym’s new show “Raising Whitley” premiered this past Saturday.

It is a humorous and poignant new docu-series following actress and comedienne Kym Whitley and her chaotic collective of friends – whom she calls “The Village” – as they attempt to do something none of them have ever done before: raise a baby… together.


When Kym signed up for the Big Sister program to mentor a troubled young girl, she never imagined she’d get a call from the hospital saying, “Your baby is ready for collection.” After learning that her mentee exited the maternity ward leaving only Kym’s contact information, Kym experienced a cataclysmic moment. With less than an hour to make a life-changing decision – and to do a lifetime of soul-searching – Kym chose to become a mother. The Village banded together to help Kym bring up baby Joshua Whitley the best they know how, but sometimes it’s hard to tell who is more mature – baby Joshua or the adults tasked with raising him. Produced by Pilgrim Studios.

Over the season, Kym learns the chaotic realities of becoming a full-time mom:  She realizes that, while Craigslist may be perfect for finding an old couch,  it’s not ideal for finding a new nanny; she survives Joshua’s first haircut; she  gets her groove back on a manhunt with her girlfriends; and she discovers that  being “just friends” with Joshua’s “daddy” may not be that simple.

Sam Jackson and Flex Alexander was spotted watching the show with Kym.



Take a peek of the new show here:

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/own-raising-whitley/Raising-Whitley-About-the-Show#ixzz2ROowWTc5

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