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Chaka Khan, Eddie Levert, Jordin Sparks and Eddie Levert Spotted In Memphis

Credit: theybf
Credit: theybf

This past Saturday downtown Memphis was full of musical talent. Music greats Chaka Khan, Eddie Levert, Jordin Sparks and Eddie Levert made their way to town. The singers were apart of a celebration for legendary Stevie Wonder.

Wonder was honored with an award “A Soulright Evening”. The award was presented by fellow singer and friend Chaka Khan.

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“He has been like a brother to me since I first started singing,” Kahn said. “I love him so much he’s like a guardian angel to me. He’s one of the few people in the world that can make me actually blush.”


“When we think about soul, we have these various categories,” Wonder said. “When they say R&B soul it normally means black, when you hear pop it normally means white, and it’s all funny to me because I’m not looking at either one of them.”

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