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Dear BET:


Ok, I know the 2013 BET Hip Hop awards was filmed a few weeks ago and was aired this week. But I am still feeling some kind of way. I am confused as to why Memphis Native Yo Gotti only performed a portion of his summer banger ‘Act Right? Granted, I am a Memphis native an a huge Yo Gotti supporter. But let’s put all that aside. However, I personally feel that Yo Gotti’s song is a smash and one of the most popular singles this summer. I mean throw in Jeezy and YG and you have an EPIC performance.


act-right-videoSo what is the criteria to perform a full song on the hip hop awards? After all, there were only a few awards given out and could have easily been named the 2013 BET Hip Hop Concert Series.

I was excited to see the homie on the stage but I was disappointed with the amount of performance time he was given.

Shrugs, I digress. Happy Friday!