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DNA Drama: Tyler Perry Reveals His Mother Lied About Who His Father Is


Tyler Perry continues to prove he is human like us. This past weekend, he revealed the man he thought was his father is not.

During the event Tyler  said, “I love my mother to death, but she lied to me.”

According to FOXNYC:

Perry says he suspected the man who raised him, who he described as a “bastard,” was not his father because he was so abusive toward him. His mother, now deceased, always said the man was Perry’s father. After his mother died, Perry had a DNA test with his brother. The test revealed they did  not have the same father. Perry then took a DNA test with a man who raised him. The test confirmed that the man who caused Perry so much pain as a child was not his biological father.

Perry encouraged women in the audience not to keep secrets from their children. He says now, he is trying to find out who is his biological father.

maxine-perry-240Frazer Harrison/Getty

Perry’s mom, Willie Maxine Perry passed away in December 2009.

Women take note. This affects the kids years after. Make the right decision and find out while there is still time.

I wish Tyler the best on his search. Being that his mother is deceased, how difficult will this task be.

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