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Fashion 411 – Home Edition

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Hey ya’ll, I’m back with more tips and to do’s so that YOU can be sexy and on point on EVERY level. Now, my last few blog entries dealt with fashion, appearance, etc. But this time I felt that it was time to take it up a notch. Now you can’t be looking fly, smelling all good and dressed to the nines and your house is ratchet……that ain’t cute!!!!! (In my best Tamar voice). Catch THAT dirt (no pun intended)……


Ooh, That Turns Me On!!

Now look, we as humans judge everything with our five senses: sight, smell, touch, sound and taste (for those of you who forgot). So by NO MEANS does this rule out your home. Again, first impressions are EVERYTHING!!! So when you invite someone over to your place, make sure the following are in order:


  1. SIGHT- Look honey, once you open that door, you can best believe your place is getting a quick glance over (at least I know I do it.) I’m looking for cleanliness and order. Now I’m not saying go hire Molly Maids or Two Women and a Broom but clean up your common areas AKA your living room, kitchen and bathroom. By this I mean vacuum, mop, dust, clean your mirrors and sink (no body want to see where you cut your hair.) Wash those dishes!!!Also, make sure your restroom has soap, a hand towel and toilet paper before your guest uses it. Also, if you read or collect art or movies, then display what you love on bookcases or shelves. It gives your company a small peek into your world and makes for great conversation.
  2. SMELL- If you don’t have pets, then your house shouldn’t smell like you do (nose turned up to the Gods/ I ain’t coming in.) Yeah plugins are cute but  your house needs reflect the adult that you are, so go for candles!! I LOVE CANDLES especially those from Memphis’ own Downtown Candle Company .



These candles are AWESOME!! As soon as you walk by, you are drawn in. The aroma is intoxicating and sexy. With scents like “X’Treme,” “Seduction,” “Fantasy,” “Dream,” etc. how can you go wrong!! These 100% soy candles not only smell heavenly but they also set the mood. Check them out at 107 GE Patterson or You will NOT be disappointed!!!


  1. TOUCH- Hard, soft, silky and plush are great adjectives to describe your décor/ furniture (what did ya’ll think I was talking about? I’m a LADY!!!) Nice wooden or glass table(s), soft yet quality furniture (chairs, sofa, bed etc.), silky bed linens (not that 9000 thread count crap in the mall for $19.99…..fake), and plush pillows and towels. Your home is your castle/ sanctuary of peace. So furnish it with nice things. I’m not saying break the bank but it’s all about QUALITY!!
  1. SOUND- Everybody that knows me KNOWS that I am an avid music lover. Everything from jazz, rock and R&B to hip hop, classical and gospel. I value my music collection (vinyl and CD’s).  And I like to share it with my friends.  I always have music on when I have guest. So depending on the mood (house party, small get together or a date) make you a playlist of event appropriate songs. 


  1. TASTE-  As bachelorette (or guys, a bachelor) I really don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen. However, I do try to keep  food, snacks and drinks in the pantry just in case. Only onions, mustard, water and that Sunday plate from your mom’s house in the fridge ain’t hot.  Step it up!!!



Okay, now that you have the basics, I hope that these tips get your house more oooh’s than ugh’s!!!! Smooches!!!

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