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Gloria Govan Releases Cookbook

gloria govan cookbook

Former BBW Miami and LA Cast member Gloria Govan is now an author. Gloria has released a cookbook “A Mixed Girls Favorite Recipes”.

The creation of the book “A Mixed Girls Favorite Recipes” explores the food of two women’s cultures Mexican, Italian, and African American, with a focus on vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients.

This cookbook is a collection of recipes that we have developed over the years of entertaining and raising our children. The Book “A Mixed Girls Favorite Recipes” is a sampling of our favorite recipes that are from the flavors of the cultures of our childhood, African American, Mexican and italian.

She has teamed up with long time family friend, Marlena Attinasi, whose passion for food and family mirror that of Gloria’s started on this venture of creating a cookbook 2 years ago. They decided that their first cookbook should honor the culture, family members, and food that have influenced who they are as mothers and cooks.

You can purchase the book here.

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