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Is Kanye West The New Normal


Is opening doors for a women a thing of the past? I watched Kanye and Kim Kardashian out on a shopping excursion in Paris. After watching the video below, I counted at least 5 times where Kanye failed to open or close the door for his soon to be baby momma. I’m sure a little assistance would be appreciated.

Is this a old tradition? Does it mean anything by the fact he didn’t do it. Not sure what to make of it. But, if I was your child’s mother you would have to have a little more effort Mr. West!

One site suggests:

Women want to be gracefully treated like real women, and then they can feel good when a man opens the door for them.Women want to feel like men are taking care of them and protecting ’em.Door-opening is not a way to make males superior in one way or another, but men just want to be courteous to women.

Check out the video and weigh in….

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