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Michael Adrian Davis Speaks On Termination From Memphis Radio Station


For the last few days, one of the hot social media topics has been “Where is Michael Adrian Davis’?

Michael Adrian Davis was the popular radio personality of Hallelujah 95.7 FM.. Every morning thousands of listeners tuned in to hear their favorite gospel selections and to get a laugh from the funny on air personality.

He is a native of Memphis, a graduate of North Side High School and is very popular in the Memphis community.

He is also the winner of numerous awards in broadcasting. According to Michael he has allegedly song background for hundreds of our favorite gospel singers (in side joke).

In addition to being heard on 95.7 Hallelujah FM in Memphis, TN, Davis was also heard on 95.5 Hallelujah FM in Jackson, MS, 105.1 Hallelujah FM in Birmingham, AL and around the world at HallelujahFM.com and on iHeart Radio.

The radio legend holds over twenty-five years in broadcasting.


When listeners got wind of the news, Channel 5 reached out to the former employer and was not to get any information:

Citing company policy, the station would not comment on internal personnel issues.


Well fast forward….. and now Michael has spoken. Check out his statement below:


I am sure that there are thousands of upset listeners. However, Michael appears to not have gone far and is assuring his listeners we will see and hear from him again.

Michael thanks for all the years you gave to my drive to work and continue to be blessed in your future endeavors.

P.S. This is a reminder that these jobs aint promised!

Happy Friday!


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  1. Thank you for claifying Michael. You didn’t have to. God Bless you. I pray that all is well in your future.and your words about jobs being secure. True. My God is security. Not my job.

  2. Wow this is so not right! But I love listening to you every morning my time allow me to. I just can’t believe it but you have said so and now you claim a better opportunity that’s coming. That was the worse out the worst that radio show could have done. But I loved your singing and that morning wake up you to dud in the morning with lights on and blow the horn wow! But I hope everything thing work in your favor be blessed and know God has another door opening for you. I’m really going to miss you and all the great things you brought to the radio show. I’m very shock and I don’t think things will be the same without you there every morning. So I won’t be listening more than likely. But be blessed with a multiple jobs Amen… Let’s go Cowboys Michael Adrian Davis

    1. I so agree….I turned on the station this morning and nope I had no desire to listen this morning. Sounds like they are already struggling on the station. Just like Thaddeus Matthews they kick him off the radio and he has his own number one show. Congrats on your new endeavor, can’t wait to hear your number one gospel radio show WOOP WOOP!

      1. I couldn’t believe it when my sister told me you were no longer on the air. I no longer live in Memphis but I would still listen to you in Texas. You know God has something bigger and better. Trust in the Lord and lean not to your own understanding.

  3. Amen to that. God is the source of all my blessings so I can’t stress about a job with any one organization. Michael will be elevated and God will be glorified wherever he lands!

  4. Michael I can’t express how you made me laugh so many mornings. No one can sing that ending of “your” happy birthday song yeah………….. I promised I laugh everyday morning. If God allowed it you better believe that he has something greater in your future, get ready brother because this to shall pass.

    1. I know for a fact that when one door closes, God has another door for us as believers to walk right in and have an abundant life!!! After receiving an ultimatum of either compromise or be terminated, I chose termination. The first year was a struggle. Now I can truly say God has retired me from Corporate America!!!! I am less stressed and working out more. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! Pauline

  5. I hope my post will be encouraging to you! Keep being a blessing!
    God has another assignment already waiting for you!

  6. Michael ,I’m 22 years old and I’ve been listening to you every morning since birth. (My mama didn’t play that, 95.7 every morning noon and night lol) but be encouraged and know God has greater in store for you !

  7. Wow, is all I can say. My heart dropped when I heard of the news. My daughter’s and I eagerly turned on this station for years just to listen to you on the way to work/school. We anticipated on how you would make us laugh each morning…..Yeahhhh, yeah…hhhe!! The past few days we’ve still listened but it’s just not the same. They really messed up doing that, now I bet the ratings drop. Well thanks for all the laughter you provided during your time on 95.7, it was greatly appreciated. God has better plans for you. The devil mean it for bad but God mean it for our good. Be strong, encouraged, and be blessed.

  8. It’s sad to say this but it’s just not the same I love the other lady sherry but I don’t even listen to it in the morning……bad mistake by letting Michael go

    1. I tune in from Chicago and I totally agree. M.A.D. is truly missed and Hallelujah FM isn’t the same without him. I’m searching for a new station!

  9. It will not be the same without you on the radio. Yes you are right Michael, God got you and I know you will continue to do what God put in your heart to do. We all love you. I’m going to miss hearing you in the mornings. May God continue to bless you my brother.

  10. Hey Mike this is your boy from new York Paul I’m reminded of our conversation at lunch that you took me and my wife to when we came down thank you so much man of God so I know you know in thinking back to that day this is no real surprise and I’m reminded of the prophet Elijah how that if the Brook did not dry up the prophets would have never gone down to zaraphath now go to zaraphath and be sustained man of God be blessed

    1. That is good word. It will not only benefit Michael but others as well. You better preach, brother!!!!!

  11. A sat back is just a set up for a strong come back…It’s all good, cause it’s all God! The bend in the road doesn’t have to be the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn…May God bless & keep you in perfect peace.

  12. Oh wow! I was wondering why I didn’t hear you on the radio this week while driving my god daughter to school! We both would usually be cracking up in the car on the way! I love Sherry too, but it’s not the same without you! May God Abundantly Bless and Keep You in Your Future Endeavors! Your Will Be Truly Missed and In My Opinion You Can Not Be Replaced! God’s Got Your Back!

  13. Keep on moving! Mr. Davis. Absolutely NOTHING takes God by surprise. He is FAITHFUL and he KNOWS what he is doing.

  14. Hi Michael. I’m going to miss you. I use to look forward to hearing your voice and awesome prayer in the morning. Now I have no reason to turn the radio on 95.7 early in the morning. God be with you.

  15. You are most definitely missed! I pray that The Lord grant you favor beyond measures in your next chapter!!!

  16. I’m sad to hear of this 95.5 will not be the same. Remember when God closes on door, he will open another on. It want be the same without you Michael. May God Bless you.

  17. The devil meant it for bad but GOD meant it for good. Please be encouraged I enjoyed listening to you. You have a great talent for speaking, singing, etc… My favorite birthday song was “Heat wave” you sounded great. Hope to see you hosting in some upcoming events. 95.7 it’s not the same without you MAY GOD BLESS YOU!

  18. Hi, Michael. I’m very sad to hear that you are no longer with 95.7 FM. I listened to you every morning and got laughter to tears…thank you for that Michael. You will be so missed. Be strong and be encouraged. YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED!!!!

  19. I really do not want to listen to a pretend gospel station. How does the love of God dwell in the station’s owners and managers. How can I feel and hear the love of God from station that showed my brother, Michael A. DAVIS, no love or mercy.

  20. God has ya future in control.We will miss U in our cars n the morning. Making us laugh cry, N shout. Ears have not heard, nor have eyes seen what God has for Michael Adrain Davis n the Future.Read Psalm,,,121. N look up every day, n God will direct ya future
    Greta Pegues Horton,

  21. Michael,
    I agree, the Early Morning Show is not the same. It doesn’t matter who they put on the show with Sherry, they are not you. I pray that God will bless you with something better. Who knows, maybe your own Gospel FM radio station here in Memphis. Be encouraged and be blessed.

  22. Michael, I had that sinking feeling that something was up when I tuned in and did not see your picture on the show line-up, plus, I did not hear the “birthday song” and I only heard Sherry Mackey’s voice with the “Turn your lights on” segment when it hit me that you were no longer on the station. Well, I pray that bigger and better things will be in store for you. You and Sherry were a good team and I know that you’ll be fabulous and great no matter where you will go. I truly enjoyed listening to you and I looking forward to hearing about your current and future endeavors.

  23. This is so sad. I love Sherry, but it’s not the same. Be blessed. I’m waiting for your next blessing.

  24. Micheal A. Davis you are truly missed. The show is not the same. I have been listening to you since 990 The Light. My mornings are so different now. Be encouraged God has something in store for you. I have been trying to continue listening because I liked Sherry as well but the flow is just not there. I hope to see or hear you soon. You were the donut with my coffee…lol. But seriously, God’s plan is not our plan and this move is just to get you to the next level. I pray for your strength and many blessings.

  25. I looked foward to listening to Michael every morning on my way to work. Michael will have me laughing so hard he will really put a smile on your face. It is not the same without Michael. You will truly be missed. It’s not the same without you. I’m changing my channel.

  26. Praise the Lord, Brother. I drive a truck and was passing through Memphis a few years ago and was truly taken to another level when I heard you. Everything about the show was “spiritually unique” from the intro to the prayer to the horn/lights praise, to the discussion with the Pastor. You are “one-of-a-kind.” Just as God began to prepare for this exit a couple of years ago, be encouraged and comfortable in knowing that He has Greater in store for those who love and serve Him with a pure heart. Your Ministry will be missed on that platform, but another platform is in the building for you. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might…

  27. May God continue to bless you Michael Anthony Davis. we miss you from making us laugh in the morning Yeahhhhhhh…… No the radio station 95.5 will never be the same without you!

  28. Bro Michael,
    “Disappointment is inevitable, but to become discouraged there is a choice I Make. God would never discourage me. He will always point me to Himself to trust Him. Therefore, my discouragement is from Satan. As you go through the emotions that we have, hostility is not from God, bitterness, un-forgiveness, all of these are attacks from Satan.” Dr. Charles Stanley

    ” When one door of happiness close, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us”. Helen Keller

    “There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the Lord”. Proverbs 21:20

    Michael , “God Give Promotion” According to Psalms 75:6-7 ” For exaltation comes neither from the east nor from the west nor from the south. But God is the judge: He puts down one, and exalts another.”( Keep looking North for your Promotion) 🙂

    Michael ” The Lord will fight for you”. Just be still” ( Exodus 14:14

  29. If the listeners want Michael back they should be organized and vocal:
    1. Demand an explanation.
    2. Callbin live to voice displeasure, then
    3. Stop tuning in and don’t do business with their sponsors. Media responds to the state of advertising and revenue dollars. You cannot get ratings without listeners. You have the power to affect change.

    Michael, my brother, I wish you Godsend in your next big thing!

  30. For the past two weeks, I knew something was missing on the show. We thought you was on vacation. Thank you for being a part of our lives during your time at 95.7. You have blessed us for many unforgettable years. We don’t understand why this happened nor do we need to know, BUT GOD!!! He got you. Thank you for serving Memphis and being a blessing. We look forward and seeing what God has planned for you in the near future. Keep smiling and making us laugh! With agape love, The Briggett Family.

  31. I was really shocked to learn that Michael was no longer on 95.7. I enjoyed hearing him on the radio on my was to work. It is not the same. The station needs to reconsider its decision. I will now have to find a new station. I may have listen a white Christian station.

      1. what’s is the name of the radio station you found. I would like to check it out. Thanks for sharing

  32. Michael Adrian Davis you are the man they made a big mistake bigggg mistake you was the hallelujah praise team Sherri on but you made her so I love my gospel guest I be moving on to another gospel channel 95.7 yall is wrong Michael made the show first off giving honor to GOD THE MOST HIGH IN JESUS NAME AMEN. JESUS Got you Michael Adrian Davis loyal faithful listeners

  33. I listen to you when I am taking my grandson to school, and lately I haven’t heard you. I thought you were on vacation, and then I thought something is wrong. I went to the 95.7 web-site, and there was nothing until I google your name and this is what I found. Remember, everything happen for a reason and God is always in control. Put your trust in Jesus and everything will be alright!! Keep us posted when you start your radio broadcast station. 95.7 is not the same.

  34. I knew something had happen. Because I tune in every morning to listen to you. You brighten our day up. I know that you have bigger and better things ahead. I just hate that this happen to you, but like you said, no job is promise. And God got you and he is going to keep blessing you. After I didn’t hear you on the air, I took to the internet and found this and I was so hurt. And I know that this is wrong, but as soon as I didn’t hear you, I turn my radio to another station immediately. It is not the same and it won’t be the same. Bless you Michael.

  35. Hey Michael, you are missed, your choir was the only choir I was able to sing in every morning I would finish the song with you Yessseeess. LOl be blessed.

  36. Michael, it was very sad to hear that you were no longer on the morning show. I have been listening to you every since the passing of your BEAUTIFUL WIFE. What I do know is that in the grand scheme of things, God will show us that part of our journey is over. He put you on a mission and that part is over. Just know that there have been many mornings, you have said things that have truly ministerd to me. God wants us to go out and minister to his people, you used the platform that He gave you to do just that. There is a season for every thing, your new season will FLOW LIKE MILK AND HONEY. Continue to be BLESSED AND BE A BLESSING.

  37. The guy that’s taking Michael place on FM 105.1 here in Birmingham kinda sounds like him. “Often imitated never duplicated.” I miss your funny and outgoing personality. I just miss hearing you. I hardly listen to the show now. I listen to FM 100.1 gospel station. I wish you well Michael.

    1. Michael I have been so sad when I found that you were not on the air. Nobody can take your place,I love to hear your voice when you sing and talk.I miss you like a member of the family. I listen to 95.5 every day but I not the same.I know that you will be ok cause God is going to blessing you with every step you make.you are truly an anointed man of God. I hope to hear you on the air soon ,you truly blessed me every morning you made my morning better,you made me smile.i will be listing for you, be blessed

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