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Mike Evans And The Early Morning Team Bid Farewell

As it is often said all things must come to an end. Change is never easy and sometimes saying good-bye is hard. Well, this past Friday, June 9, 2017, K97 FM early morning team signed off for the last time. The morning crew consisted of Mike Evans, Big Sue and Funnyman Prescott.
For the last 20+ years,  Mike has held the task of leading the early morning team. From Wednesday morning prayer with Ms. Leonard, to the daily grits mix guided by the lovely Big Sue, Old Man handling the Friday Morning  old school selections the team kept me/Memphis entertained.

From as far back as I can remember  K97 FM has been my go to selection for the morning commute to school drop offs and to work. K97 was the only local FM morning station left on the Memphis airwaves.
101.1 FM morning team is guided by Tom Joyner,  103.5 FM lead by Steve Harvey and 107.1 FM has comedian Rickey Smiley. These stations all have syndicated morning shows and now K97 follows suit. Apparently there is more money in syndication and more stations are taking that route. I listened in one last time this past Friday to hear Mike and Big Sue sign off together one last time.  Many callers called in to congratulate the crew on a great run and reflect on past memories.
It was kind touchy and emotional as I listened to a morning tradition pull the curtains one final time.
All is not truly lost as Mike Evans will be joining V101.1. We can catch Mike weekdays at 10am. This will be a change in pace, as V101 is not Hip Hop . Big Sue will continue at K97 weekdays at 10am with Suzies House. Funnyman Prescott was released on Monday June 5, 2017. Prescott broke the news first on Facebook live. He informed us that his journey at the station was over after 23 years, but we can catch him at Chuckles Comedy House. Prescott thanked fans and also stated he would be throwing back on his comedy hat and will be going out on the road.
Prescott also joked that although he had  20+ years invested  it took the station 5 minutes to cancel his services.
It is truly a new day in Memphis. We no longer have a local fm morning show presence. But hey the ride was sweet and the path is one for the books.
As we prepare for New York’s ‘Breakfast Club’ to raid K97’s airwaves daily,  we welcome and we embrace them. The reviews on my Facebook page are not looking good. Memphis is hesitant change and this is one that will have to grow on the city.
To the team affectionately known as the morning team, we thank you, we salute you and we applaud you!
Job Well Done (insert tear drop)!!!

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  1. GOD bless you Mike, thanks for all you did for Rosa Fort High School Band”The Mean Green Music Machine.
    LOL Barbara Hibbler

  2. Im so upset, this is horrible! The Breakfast Club morning show is terrible. I wonder which smart ass came up with that decision. WE are from Memphis LIVE in Memphis but you give us a morning show based out of New York. Worst decision ever.

  3. The almighty $ has done it again. God Bless the ‘Real Early Morning Team’ (Mike Evans, Big Sue, and Prescott). The early morning drive will not be the same. Saturday mornings with the Breakfast Club was already too much. Now they are on the air Monday-Saturday…Dayummmmm.

  4. I listen one day to the new breakfast club show and they were taking calls about sex. One guy called in and was talking about how his girlfriend didn’t want him to perform oral sex on her, because of something she had gone through in the past. I had a 7 year old and 15 year old girl in the car so I was disgusted with the topic and changed the station. I haven’t listen anymore since then. I am a V101.1 fan as well, so I will still get to enjoy Mike Evans as well as Stan Bell who was also moved from k97 to V101.1 about 10 years ago. Mike Evans, Big sue and Prescott made the people in Memphis feel better, because we could relate to them and they could relate to us. I am a 52 year old listener and I think this decision was made to bring in more young listeners with K97. I feel most young people will now listen to 107.1 because they can get Rickey Smiley without all of the sex conversations or silliness. Nobody wants to hear that crap with grandkids in the car and they are not that funny. Please bring back BS, ME and PRESCOTT:)

  5. I concur with Barbara. I am in my mid 40’s and their (Breakfast Club) language is offensive and way over the top. Saturday mornings taking my son to Karate lessons was to much as well. I would plug in my MP3 or listen to another radio station.

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