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Motivation Monday: Tyler Perry Edition


Today’s Motivational Moment is courtesy of one of the richest black men in Hollywood, Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry recently shared his story on Facebook on how he grew up and how his life has change. The post touched me, because I took experienced some of the things he mentioned. Once again, this goes to show any thing is possible.

Read Tyler’s Post via his personal FB page below:

Hey guys, I have lived in this house for almost 7 years and today it hit  me.  I mean this blew my mind. I went to my kitchen cabinet today, got a  glass, poured some water in it, and drank it. I realized in that moment that I  am no longer afraid to open my kitchen cabinets.It brought tears to my eyes. Ok, before you think I’m crazy let me tell you  why. When I was a little boy I wouldn’t dare take a glass out of the cabinet and  drink from it without washing it first. The roaches had crawled all over them  and the rats would leave droppings all around them. It was bad. I hated going  into our kitchen, especially at night. It was scary. When I turned on the light  there was no telling what I would see. Rats bigger than shoes, roaches  everywhere. I remember being afraid to open the kitchen drawers because mice  would jump out and run, and we really tried to keep it clean.  So you know  from a boy to a man I carried some of that fear with me.  So to think that  I have been taking glasses out of these cabinets for years, and opening my  kitchen drawers without fear is a blessing. Being able to turn the lights on in  the kitchen at night and not be ready to run… I’m telling you God is good. Now I  know some of y’all are not going to be able to appreciate this. But to all of us  who came from it, you know what I’m talking about. And to all of y’all who don’t  get it, I thank God you didn’t grow up that way.  And to the ones who may  still be there right now, I’m going to tell you what I know to be true. Through  faith anything is possible. You can go as high as you want in this life. What  God has done for me and so many others, He can do for you.  Only believe.  ONLY BELIEVE.  God bless you. Talk soon, Tyler

Belive! Have A Great Monday and Remember U R Xclusive!

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