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Nelly Performs For Amanda Berry & Her Family


My guy, Nelly hit the stage at RoverFest in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, and brought out Amanda Berry. Berry is one of the three women that were held hostage for years in a Cleveland area home. In May, Berry escaped by kicking out part of a door and made the 911 phone call that would set her and the two other women free.

Nelly introduced Berry, who was watching from side stage, to the crowd at the beginning of his set. He brought the 27-year-old out again at the end to dedicate “Just A Dream” to the brave young lady. It is being deemed as Berry’s first public appearance since she was freed, and comes only a day after her captor, Ariel Castro, was sentenced to life and 1,000 years in prison.

Festival host and radio personality Shane French, who also goes by the name Rover, said he had invited Perry on-air weeks ago, but didn’t know she had actually been listening.

French told the AP in an interview on Sunday, “I just said that she had 10 years of partying to make up for and she should come.”

Nelly went on to say:

That’s how you tell the pulse of a city by the people that live there. Since they up here right now, I want to make sure that we get a chance to thank you because I know it’s a long time and I can’t even imagine the type of strength and the type of courage that it took to keep it going. So, for that, again I commend you and I say thank you.

Followed by a performance of one of my favorite Nelly songs ‘Just A Dream”.

Derrty ENT!


Source: Vibe/Youtube


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