[Pic] Morris Chestnut Posts First ‘Selfie’

morris chestnut5

O.K. I’m confused….How can a man this ¬†fine not be a fan of selfies? Actor Morris Chestnut recently revealed that he is not a fan of selfies. Morris states that he is trying to get a hang of the ‘selfie’ craze. He recently shared he don’t like to take pictures of himself.

He recently posted the pic above with this caption:

morris chestnut

Check out the clip:

If you follow me on social media’ you know, I got to meet Morris Chestnut and have dinner with him a few months ago.

That is truly a good-looking man.

Here are a few pics of Morris looking real hot:


morris chestnut4 morris chestnut3

morris chestnut2


Pic Credit: IG

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