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[Pics] Access Granted – Backstage At Yo Gotti’s 3rd Annual & Friends Birthday Bash


One of the number one questions I am always asked is “What is it like backstage?”

I think this is a question a lot of music fans have. Well, backstage is not as glamorous as you think. It’s chaotic and it is usually crowded.

However, one of the perks about being backstage is being near the artists.

Well, this past weekend was no different.


If you were not able to get back stage no worries Xclusive Memphis has gathered up a few shots of artists that was hanging out at Gotti’s 3rd Annual Birthday Bash.

Enjoy the pics:

Backstage11 Backstage9 Backstage8 Backstage7 Backstage6 Backstage5 Backstage4 Backstage3 BACKSTAGE.png2 unnamed (4)

Until next time…..

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