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[Pics] Entertainment Chat With Sonja Norwood Recap


This past weekend entertainment manager Sonja Norwood brought her talents and knowledge of the entertainment business to Memphis , TN.. Sonja was in town to chat with  local actors, managers, singers, inspiring stars and more on what it takes to get into the entertainment business and make it. The event was organized by Positioned for Millions.


The organizers put together the event to offer a unique opportunity for emerging music artists, managers, and parents of children wishing to break into the entertainment industry to ask questions and gauge conversation.

This event was part of the 15th Annual On Location Memphis International Film and Music Festival presented by MVP3 Entertainment Group. From the moment she entered the room, she began to pour out tips, trips and some of her personal stores in the industry. She provided so much useful information. The guests were thankful Sonja took the time to spend her Saturday in Memphis.

Following the event, there was a private meet and greet held for Mrs. Norwood. We were treated to food, live entertainment and delicious chocolates at Phillip Ashley Chocolates Design Studio.


Check out a few pics we grabbed:

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Thanks to all the sponsors who made the event possible: The Green Law Firm, Stokes & Glass, Radical Moves Entertainment, Cynthia Scales – Allstate Insurance, Rated Hood Entertainment, Sonja Hester – Progressive Realty, The Regal Group Realty, Memphis Music Commission


Thanks to Mrs. Sonja for her encouraging words and support of inspiring Memphis stars. GREAT Saturday!

P.S. She said she would be back in Memphis soon, keep your eyes open.

Thanks to Rhonnie “The Socialite” for tagging along with me playing photographer.

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