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[Pics] Go Mode – Snootie Wild Announces Clothing Line

Snootie Wild - Go Mode
Snootie Wild – Go Mode

Snootie Wild is one of the hottest names in rap right now.

With the success of his hit single, ‘Yayo’ feat Yo Gotti , the North Memphis vet is gearing up for his next chapter.

Snootie has a new LP on the way entitled ‘Go Mode’. In addition to the music he has also put his hands in the merchandising business. He has teamed up with¬†iDaphne of No Endz Management for the venture.

Snootie ¬†has released a few socks and T-shirts branding ‘Go Mode’.

GO MODE is about staying in motion – no matter where you are in life – DoN’T SToP…DoN’T GIVE UP…STAY ON GO MODE!

Check out the products below:


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