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[Pics] K. Michelle Stops To Show Fans Love At The 2015 BET Awards


In addition to the media mayhem at the annual BET Awards; fans also line up outside the venue. 100’s of music fans line up early every year with hopes of getting to mingle or get a pic with celebrities.

K. Michele

Yesterday, at the  2015 BET Awards, Memphian K. Michelle took some time from the red carper t to interact with her Rebels.

K. is often known for her boldness and blunt personality. However, I have been around K. Michelle several times at events and she is a sweetheart when it comes to her fan base. You can tell by the smiles, that they were excited to see her.

K. Michele.png3 K. Michele.png4 K MICHELLE.png6

S/O to K. Michelle for taking the time out her schedule to thank her fans.

Check out a few more shots of K. Michelle we spotted before she hit the stage.

K. Michele.png2 K MICHELLE

Pic Credit: IG

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