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[Pics] Love In The Club


Boo season is upon us. This is the time when many people are looking for that mate that they can cuddle up with this winter.

The relationship typically is short term and last until the early part of the year.

We recently spotted (2) couples boo’d up in the night club.

1st up the home girl K. Michelle. K. Michelle was the host at her boo Lance’s birthday party and they were getting kissy face. They make a cute couple. xoxox




I truly belive the next couple will make it to the altar.


Ciara seems to be on cloud 9 with her new relationship with Future. Not only, do they seem to be every where together but the duo has matching ring tatts on the ring finger…HMM Insterting…. Cute couple.



Women be cautious of these men looking for a seasonal boo. They never seem to get the ring.

Congrats to K. Michelle on her success and new album and remember ‘You can’t Raise A Man’.


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