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[Pics] ‘Tony Allen Karaoke Night’ In Review

Tony Allen-JIFF

If you follow me on social media, then you are already aware that I recently attended the Tony Allen Karaoke Night held recently. The event is held by a local Memphis agency  (JIFF) that attempts to guide young teens in the right direction.


JIFF (Juvenile Intervention and Faith-Based Follow-Up) originated as the Memphis branch of Mid-South Youth for Christ (MSYFC), an organization dedicated to campus life clubs, neighborhood outreach, and youth guidance. MSYFC also worked with juveniles who were involved with the justice system.

The night is full of family fun, karaoke, food, and raising money for a great cause. The added bonus is that you get to watch Tony Allen in rare form singing.



Catch the recap of Tony’s performance here and a few pics we captured below.

Salute to Tony for all he does for the Memphis community.

Photo Credit: Bezzirk

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