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[Pics] Tyler Perry Thanks ‘Memphis’ For 5 Sold Out Shows

perry, tylerThis past weekend, actor, director and writer Tyler Perry made a stop in Memphis. Perry was in town with his new stage play ‘Madea On The Run’.


Madea is at it again in Tyler Perry’s most outrageously funny stage play ever. In trouble with the local authorities, Mabel Simmons, notoriously known as Madea, is on the run from the law. With no place to turn, she volunteers to move in with her friend Bam who is recovering from hip replacement surgery. Bam is so grateful that her faithful friend Mabel is putting her on life on hold in order to nurse Bam back to health. Unknown to Bam however, Madea is only using the concerned friend gag as a way to hide out from the police. But as they say… all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. Madea’s presence at Bam’s house is just what the doctor ordered. Bam’s family is in desperate need of some home improvement, and it is the only kind of family makeover that Madea could deliver. Starring Tyler Perry as Madea, and Cassi Davis as Aunt Bam, “Madea On The Run” delivers a couple hours of pure joy and laughter. With brand new music written by Tyler Perry, the show delivers a finger snapping and inspirational evening of theater. Madea’s life lessons on friendship, marriage, personal reflection, and overcoming, leave audiences with some great food for the soul. Don’t miss Tyler Perry’s Madea On The Run.

The show packed downtown Memphis as Perry pulled  off 5 sold out show.

After each show, Tyler thanked Memphis and his fans for their love and support of him and Madea. The tour will be wrapping up next month.

Check put the pics and messages he had to share with the city below:

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