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[Pics & Video] Cee Lo Green Stops By The Today Show


Yesterday Morning, Cee Lo Green stopped by the Today Show. Cee Lo is making his promotional rounds for his new autobiography.

The book is entitled ‘Everybody’s Brother’. In the book he shares how he discovered his own voice many years before he ever turned his chair around on “The Voice.” As CeeLo puts in the book, “I had to create myself due to circumstances beyond my control. As you will see, I was born in a sort of chaos but was mystically transformed into a very real character I renamed `CeeLo Green.’

The book was released today and you can purchase it here.

Amazon Description:

He inspires awe with his colorful costumes and helps ordinary people find a Voice. With vocals so effective (in fact, they’re almost otherworldly), he turned a four-letter word into a global phenomenon. Without a doubt, CeeLo Green is a superhero of soul-and every superhero has an origin story.

This story begins in The Dirty South, where South Atlanta’s native son transformed himself into the Abominable SHOWman. Along the way, innocence was lost; farther down the path, his parents passed on. Yet he still found family at the Dungeon with the likes of Goodie Mob, Outkast, L.A. Reid, and Lauryn Hill. Then one day he teamed up with Danger Mouse and everything went “Crazy.”

Everybody’s Brother is the untold story of CeeLo Green’s rise from the streets of Atlanta to the top of the charts-a story so cool, so complex that his brother-from-another-mother, Big Gipp, couldn’t help but chime in. Now CeeLo gives his fans what they’ve been waiting for: an all-access pass into his perfectly imperfect piece of mind.

In addition to his new book, he is also set to return back to ‘The Voice’ and he is working on a new album.

The Voice is set to return to NBC Sept. 23 , 2013.

We also spotted this billboard in Times Square.


His new album is entitled  ‘Girl Power’.

Check out the pics we snapped and interview below:









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