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[Pics] Yo Gotti Makes Christmas Come True For Some Memphis Families

yo gotti_memphis

The King of Memphis, Yo Gotti teamed up with K-97 fm and 107.1 fm to make sure the some kids in Memphis would be smiling on Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve, the teams passed out bicycles and toys to several families across the city of Memphis area.


Gotti makes it no secret that he is from Memphis. He also continues to help the families in the city, where he affectionately calls himself, ‘KING’.


Not all families are able to provide for their kids this time of year, so it’s good to see people giving back to those in need.


Gotti has said it numerous of times, he loves his city. XM salutes Gotti and the CMG Family. Make sure yall grab Gotti’s lastest album ‘I Am’, in store now. My favorite track is #1, 5, 6, 10, and 13. IJS



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