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[Pics] Yo Gotti Spotted Delivering Toys To Memphis Families


Christmas 2015 is officially a thing of the past. Many Memphis families received a surprise this past holiday season. In addition to a visit from the King of Memphis, Yo Gotti, several families were blessed with Christmas Gifts.


Fresh off of his CMG 8 for 8 tour, Gotti took time from his busy schedule to helps those in needs. We spotted Gotti along with K97’s Devin Steel making delivers in the city.


In addition to being a father, rapper, and a business man makes it clear, he will never forget where he came from.

Check out a few pictures from the King making his rounds around Memphis.

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Salute to Yo Gotti!

Stay tuned for Gotti’s next album ‘Art of Hustle’, it is scheduled to drop next year.


Pic Credit: IG/Lightworks

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