[Pics] Plies, Ne-Yo, K. Michelle, Joseline & French Montana Spotted During TSU Homecoming

This past weekend was TSU’s (Tennessee State University) Homecoming. It seems like half of Memphis made the commute to Nashville. TSU homecoming is always like a big family reunion. In addition to all the homecoming activities like tail gating, the game and the parade, many celebrities parties and events take over the city.

Almost every venue in Nashville had a party.

We rounded up a few pictures of your favorite celebrities.

On Thursday night K. Michelle, French Montana and Ne-Yo was in the city:

Screenshot_2013-10-29-12-33-01 Screenshot_2013-10-29-12-33-08 Screenshot_2013-10-29-12-35-09 Screenshot_2013-10-29-12-40-41 Screenshot_2013-10-29-12-42-30 Screenshot_2013-10-29-12-43-02

On Friday Shekniah (T.I’s ‘ Family Hustle) and Mrs. Joseline Hernandez-Jordan was in the city:

 Screenshot_2013-10-29-14-49-51 Screenshot_2013-10-29-14-49-23


On Saturday Plies and The Game (or the lack of) was in Cashville (that’s another story):



I truly had a blast!

P.S. The Alphas tailgate was the truth. Until next year! xoxox 


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