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[Pics] R. Kelly Performs In Memphis

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This past Sunday the King of R&B shut down the Landers Center. I have attended many shows at the Landers Center, but I have never seen the parking and traffic as crazy as it was Sunday. The building had to be at capacity. SWV also brought the house down.


But oh, how it was worth every minute. The ‘real’ R. Kelly (we’ll get to that story in a minute) brought us hit after hit, from 12 play to Down Low. The crowd went bananas from the time he graced the stage. R. Kelly has so many hits we could have literally been in that building all night.


I think every person in attendance was an R. Kelly fan; because we sang along word for word to all the old and new music. I truly enjoyed seeing Kells.

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O.k. now let’s back up….did you know there was an R.Kelly look alike? Naw, me either. We’ll apparently there is a guy that looks like R. Kelly who performed at another venue over the weekend.

Well, it hit the internet that the alleged guy was a fake when fans started demanding a refund.

Thanks to an alleged impostor, angry fans in Louisiana are demanding a $150 refund for a concert that was scheduled to take place on October 26 at the Monroe Civic Center. To their dismay the event, which was advertised as a promotional party for the singer’s forthcoming album “Black Panties,” reportedly featured a live performance by a R. Kelly impersonator, according to one concert goer.

“It was an impersonator on stage impersonating R. Kelly that may have sung every bit of four minutes, not even a complete five. And he did not even sing. He lip sung,“ the anonymous fan recalled to CBS affiliate, KNOE News. “We was scammed because 10 o’clock we were there, no R. Kelly. 11 o’clock no R. Kelly, 12 o’clock no R. Kelly, 12:45 no R. Kelly. 1 o’clock here comes an impersonator.”

Despite fans lashing out on social media about the alleged fraudulent performance, a representative for the Grammy Award-winner reached out to Pitch Fork claiming that he was at the event, and was only scheduled for an “appearance” not an actual performance.

Update: According a representative for Kelly, it was, in fact, the Chicago crooner on stage at the event (via Pitchfork). The same representative noted that the evening was billed not as a full concert but featuring an “appearance” from Kelly.

Wanna see what the dude looks like? Scroll Down. P.S. Him and R. Kelly even have the same jacket. #weird




r kelly fake

Do you think it is the same person?

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