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Tami Roman Announces New Reality Show


A few weeks ago while hanging out with Ms. Elise Neal in NYC for fashion week; I learned that she would be filming a reality show with Ms. Tami Roman. I wanted to tell you guys; but I waited to let Tami make the official announcement.

Well the cat is out of the bag, Tami Roman has a show in development, ‘The Roman Empire’. The show will focus on Tami building her brand, her daughters, her life and her girlfriends including Ms. Elise.

She told 107.5 WGCI’s Nina Chantele of Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot that she doesn’t “plan” to continue with “BBW” and would is doing her own spinoff.

“That’s my own show. It’s in development.  It’s about my life, my daughters. My core group of friends and Miss Elise Neal. I’m excited about showing the world who we are and what we’ve got going on.”

Check out the interview below:

Ya’ll ready to see Tami and Elise take on this new venture. Ya’ll know Tami is hilarious and Elise is my girl. Stay Tuned for more details.


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