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Hey you guys I’m back!!!! I’ve got some great tips for you in this edition of the Fashion 411. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to get here!! I’m talking deep-fried turkey, dressing, greens, sweet potato casserole and my aunt’s famous Cajun fried corn (yes Gawd!! Sorry, I had a moment). There’s nothing more to be thankful for then being around family and friends for the holidays. For those of you who can’t make it out- of- town and have been invited to someone else’s home, that’s just as beautiful. But you should know that there is a certain etiquette that comes with ANY invitation whether you’re the host or guest.


  1. 1. Set a time and stick to it! Don’t invite guest to your home for dinner if it isn’t finished (or close to). It’s not cool to make your guest wait to eat. The last thing you want is Pizza Hut at your door. Also inform them of what’s on the menu.
  2. 2. Specify details. Let your guest know if they can bring a guest. Also, will your guest have an opportunity to watch TV? Remember, after the meal it’s all about
  1. football and movies. Nothing like a good TV and great company!! Make that decision clear so guests can prepare or decide if this event is right for them.
  2. 3.
  1. Ask for help. This is probably the best thing you can do to avoid stress. If cooking on your own for a full house makes you panic, tell people how they can help. Suggest dishes they can bring, or ask if they would help clean up or put things away after the meal. Remember that old saying: A closed mouth doesn’t get fed!!


  1. 1. RSVP on time: If someone invites you to Thanksgiving, be sure to RSVP as soon as possible so they have time to plan their meal accordingly.
  2. 2. Ask Ahead. If you’re planning to bring a plus one or want to inquire about bringing a friend who doesn’t have anywhere to spend the holiday, ask the host ahead of time so they can prepare or see if they have room.
  3. 3. Host Gift: It’s not required, but it’s always thoughtful to bring someone a gift for hosting a huge event at their home. Wine or a dessert is always a great choice!!
  4. 4. Dress appropriately: Dress in a way that shows respect for the person who has invited you into their home. This
    1. isn’t about style or taste so much as wearing things that are family appropriate. So leave your skin tight dress or offensive shirt at home. Remember, keep it classy.
  • 5. Conversation: There are two things to remember at family events. One, avoid controversial topics (religion or politics) and the other is to engage in conversation. Don’t be rude by being anti- social. Remember, if you don’t want to be somewhere, don’t go. But if you’re there, be a nice guest and try to make conversation with the people who’ve invited you.

Remember that the reason for the season is to be THANKFUL. It’s not about parades, movies or football. There are many of people who have lost loved ones, jobs, homes and other things dear to their heart. Like the Walter Hawkins said, “Be Grateful!!!!!” Take the time to say what you’re grateful for around the table. I wanted to say I am thankful for my

health, my family, all of my great friends, the roof over my head and peace of mind. So with three words, two seconds and one moment I just want to say……..


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