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The Annual Sisterhood Showcase Returns



After a brief legal hiatus, one of Memphis’ largest annual events return to downtown. This past weekend the Sisterhood Showcase reopened its door for the Memphis community.

For nearly two decades, Tina L. Birchett gathered thousands of women once a year for a weekend of bonding, shopping, dining & entertainment.

Her legacy continues to live on after her death. Organizers dedicated this years show to the life and honor of its founder Tina.

In 1998, Sisterhood Showcase was founded by Ms. Tina L. Birchett. Her vision was to provide a captivating forum to inspire and strengthen the quality of life for African American women and their families. She also set out to provide a dynamic environment for companies and organizations to establish meaningful dialogue and long-lasting relationships with African American consumers.

From fashion, shopping, models, health screening, give-a-ways and celebrities, there was an effort to usher in all the things we have grown to love over the years about the showcase. Every year, this is an event that I look forward to covering and attending.

Although, the crowd was not as massive in earlier years, I think the vision is still clear and we will see great things in the years to come for the showcase.

There were a lot of people who was unaware the showcase was returning this year.

Stay tuned for what organizers have to come in the coming years.

I guess it’s safe to officially welcome back The Annual Sisterhood Showcase.


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