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Tiffney Cambridge From VH1’s ‘Marrying The Game’ Set To Release Children Book Series


One of my favorite reality stars is set to release her first book series. School teacher Tiffney Cambridge is taking her spotlight to the next level. She may not be at the altar just yet; however, author is in the future.

Tiffney confirmed earlier this year that she and The Game is in a good place (story here). I am confident next season  Tiffney will actually marry The Game. How Sweet! xoxxo

This is what ‘Tiff’ had to say about the new book series entitled ‘How the Little Girl lost her Smile’.

Right now, I’m working on some children’s books. I’m a school teacher , so it kind of came natural for me to write some of the things that I’ve encountered with some of the kids that I’ve worked with, specifically one little girl that I’ve worked with. I had her when she was in second grade and then again when she was in fifth grade. I noticed as I was completing her cumulative file that she started with this big beautiful smile, and then through the course of her childhood educational days, she lost it. So, I talked with her, and I talked to her parents about what really caused her to lose the smile. It kind of inspired me to write about it. So, I started writing some children’s books. The title of the series is “How the Little Girl lost her Smile”. It’s about how children experiences things in their childhood that actually causes them to lose these innocent beautiful smiles that they start out with, and how they regain them back. They are picture storybooks. There are going to be five different series.  I’m going to explore that topic. So, that’s what I’m working on now. I’d love to get out and read them to the kids, and share them once they’re done and published. I’d love to just go out and talk to kids, and engage in conversation about children staying happy and staying strong through the educational process because it’s not like it used to be when I was going to school. Kids have it hard with all the bullying and things that go on in the home. This society has a hole. It’s more difficult for children these days to have a positive experience in school. So if I can teach them that, it would make me very happy.

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