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Tyler Perry Writes 5K Check To Soccer Team That Was Robbed


It is often been said that Tyler Perry is one of Hollywood’s generous celebrities. He recently wrote a $5,000 to a soccer team, which was robbed.

“Out of nowhere I got a call from Tyler Perry’s publicist company,” said Michael Samnik, the team’s coach. “They told me that Tyler Perry had seen the news, and that he was very moved by what happened.”

GDP reports:

According to an incident report from Lilburn Police, officials arrived about 5 p.m. June 9 at Oyster Barn on Beaver Ruin Road, where a witness claimed to have seen a person wearing a motorcycle helmet smash the window of a vehicle belonging to a Gwinnett Soccer Association coach.

The responding officer spoke with Samnik, whose 2011 Chevy Silverado was broken in to. The report stated that the back passenger window of the vehicle had been shattered. “Mr. Samnik was having a fundraiser earlier in the day … for his GSA soccer team he coaches. Mr. Samnik told me all the money from the day and the day before was inside the truck,” the report stated.

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