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[Video] Zach Randolph Gives Shirt Off His Back To Special Needs Memphis Grizzlies Fan


It truly is the small things that count. Although, Memphis Grizzlies Player Zach Randolph is a big dude, he has an even bigger heart.

During the Memphis and OKC game a Memphis Grizz fan was attempting to get Zach’s attention. Zach got up during the fourth quarter to go over and greet the fan. It turns out the little Grizz fan wanted the shirt that Randolph was wearing.

Of course, Z-bo handed the shirt over gracefully.


I have witness Z-Bo in action at several events and he is always so nice and pleasant with his fans. He always shows the little Grizzlies fans so much love. From high fives, pictures, autographs and other playful gestures, Zach is always out to make his fans smile.

He is a great guy with a great attitude. He is truly an asset to the city of Memphis and the Grizzlies squad.

Check out the video below:

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