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Xclusive Spotlight – Scrubz Natural Skin Care Products

Xclusive Memphis recently received some awesome lip balm samples to share with our guests at the XM 2 year Anniversary party. They were provided courtesy of Scrubz Natural Skin Care Products.

This sample was perfect for me and the brand I represent. Most of my social media followers know I am obsessed with keeping my lips moist and fresh!


The Lipz™ Unscented Shea Butter Lip Balm that they provided was definitely a fan favorite. After use my lips felt light and refreshed.

The lip balm Smooths, soothes and softens lips at the same time.  Lipz™ is 100 % pure Shea Butter which is whipped with just a touch of our 8 Botanical Oil blend.

The products that the company offers are handmade, natural products, which offer the perfect solution for your everyday cleansing and moisturizing needs.  Gentle, Effective, Natural, and good for every skin type!


Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers you probably didn’t know.

Q ~ What is the difference between a lotion, cream and ointment?

ALotions are an emulsification of oil and water that contain at least 70% water. Creams are an emulsification of oil and water that contain at least 70% oil. Ointments typically contain over 80% oil. * Our creams, balms and lotions use only pure butters and oils. No water in any of our products.

Q ~ Are your products tested on animals?

A ~ No! But they are enjoyed by them. Both Michelle and Roberta have scrubbed their dogs clean and made their coats super soft, with Scrubz™.

Q ~ Are your products vegan?

A ~ All products are Vegan except: Bye Bye Bagz™, Balmz™ and Scrubz+™ as all three contain nourishing Emu Oil. All items containing Emu oil are prepared with separate bowls and utensils from our Vegan products.

Q ~ How often should I moisturize?

A ~ When a Scrubz™ scrub product is used, you are moisturized already. On other days, we recommend using an alcohol free moisturizer twice a day, preferably within a minute or two of stepping out of a hot shower or bath. This helps lock moisture in.

Q ~ What is a lip scrub and why do I need something different for my lips?

A ~ Lip scrubs are different from other scrubs in that they are 100% food safe. You can lick it off, or rinse it off, your choice. Lips have no sweat, nor oil glands, plus, we lick them and they dry out, so they chap the fastest of all skin. When you polish the dead skin away, you are left with softer, smoother lips. Put on a good lip balm as soon as you are done. Our Lipz Service™ has a lip balm whipped right into the scrub.

Q ~ My daughter has eczema. Can she really use your products?

A ~ Yes! In fact, 3 of the oils that are in all our products, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E, have known properties to help eczema and psoriasis prone skin. By gently polishing the dead skin cells away, then moisturizing with natural botanicals, you are creating a healthier skin environment. Customers have told us that they have stopped using the stuff they got from their Dr. because the Scrubz™ worked better.

Q ~ If a person is diabetic, can they use Scrubz™?

A ~ We always suggest mentioning to your Dr., but every customer we know who has diabetes has never had a problem.


Please check out the entire product line and their website here. Thanks for celebrating with us!