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A Celebration Fit For A King ‘Birthday Bash 5’

Then there was 5. Unless you have been living under a rock, by now you’ve heard of the celebration at The Fed Ex Forum this past Thursday (June 29, 2017). If you were fortunate to be a ticket holder for the sold out event, you were one of the thousands that got to witness history. The crowd, the traffic and the energy in downtown Memphis was truly one fit for a king; Mario Mimms aka Yo Gotti to be exact.
This event was more than a rap concert. It was a celebration of the city, a celebration a hood, a celebration of the culture, a celebration of the struggle, a celebration of success, a celebration of the 901 area code.


If you are familiar with Yo Gotti, at some point you’ve heard of RidgeCrest Apartments.
The North Memphis artist often speaks of his gloomy path and the challenges of being raised in a neighborhood filled with crime and drugs.
Although I’ve been through the apartments on past occasions. I’ve never visited. Well, thanks to Yo Gotti, we got to go on a field trip. Yea, we went on a tour through the neighborhood in the comfort of our seats. Yo Gotti brought Ridgecrest Apartments to the Fed Ex Forum. 
GENIUS!! Gotti took time to strategize his set for the 5th Annual Birthday Bash! Although, most people came out to see the surprise guests on the roster, I was there to witness history in the making. 
Yo Gotti is the 1st artist from Memphis that has sold out the Forum. By now you’ve heard the line up of artist that graced the stage. Wale, Fabolous, YFN Lunnci, T Grizzly, Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Money Man and Meek Mill. This was truly a line up for an epic night.  Oh and let’s not forget our roster of local talent  that graced the stage Skool Boy, CMG’s Money Bagg Yo and Blac Youngsta.
But wait there’s more. There was a surprise appearance from fellow Memphis artist OG Boo Dirty. Major!! I won’t waste time discussing the back story to this past rap beef. Just know that the air is clear. Just know that two grown men can stand on a stage and embrace a city that embraces them back.
See it’s bigger than music. It’s bigger than the artists. This night was about a city that came together and embraced our own. If you’ve every purchased a Yo Gotti Cd, downloaded a mix tape, attended any a Yo Gotti concert, you should applaud yourself because you help made that night possible.
Prior to stepping on the stage Yo Gotti had already set a few records, he had already performed at some of the biggest venues in the U.S, he had already beat the odds, he had already traveled the world, he had already received a few awards.
But nothing feels better than coming back to the city that made you, nothing feels better than being able to perform at the largest venue in the city. 

And to officially place the seal on the deal, Yo Gotti’s friend Peppa and The Shelby County Commissioners office presented him with the key to the city. A key to the city that he loves. A key to the city that has held him down, a key to the city that he calls home! Therefore, they have declared June 29, 2017 as ‘Yo Gotti’ Day!

Well after the ticket sales numbers, the love in the building and the key to the city, it’s clear to me that the real ‘King of Memphis has been crowned. It’s clear that the Fed Ex Forum stage on Thursday night was truly fit for a king.


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