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Charles Ramsey Gets A Burger Deal


The Cleveland man who was said to have helped Amanda Berry and 3 others escape from captivity, now has a burger deal. Well sorta…..

Charles Ramsey has been promised free burgers for life at more than a dozen Cleveland-area restaurants.

Cleveland.com is reporting:

A single-edition “Chuck Card,” good for life, is being stamped in Ramsey’s honor. Anytime that Ramsey takes the card into one of the participating restaurants, he’ll get a free burger.

“I’m sure some places will give him more — maybe add fries and a soft drink — but that will be up to them,” Kuhn says.

Ramsey, who has been traveling during a paid leave from his job at Hodges, was not available for comment. The Chuck Card will be formally presented to him when he returns to Cleveland.

Note: He is traveling. Charles out getting that make over, so he can get that bread. lol

Check out this clip:

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