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Dice Receives Glam Makeover



We all came to know Dice through her cousin La La Anthony. We have always seen her in jeans with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. Candice “Dice” Dixon is La La’s cousin and best friend. She recently received a make over and she looks amazing. Check it out below.



It was actually a cool experience. I enjoyed it. The shoot allowed me to have my own glam squad for the day. The stylist was amazing, and having celebrity photographer Drexina Nelson do the shoot was the icing on the cake. But those shoes were hard for me to walk in, not to mention how bad they hurt. They were not my comfortable Jordan sneakers that I’m used to wearing. I brought my mother along with me for the experience and she loved seeing me, her only daughter, as “Candice,” all glammed up. Seeing the smile on her face was nice.



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