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[Video] Preview As Iyanla Attempts To Fix T.O.’s Life


Terrell Owens is attempting to fix his life and his soul. After being near broke and no real friends he has called in the expert. He has reached out to Iyanla to help him get it together.  T.O. is reportedly near broke and has no real friends. Has he become a victim of his talent.

Terrell: There were times when people thought I was at my happiest and I was sad. I went home and I was sad. I was lonely.

Iyanla: You’ve become a victim of your talent. People never stopped to ask you, ‘Terrell Owens, how you be? How you be?’ You can run fast but how’s your heart? You can catch a ball but how’s your soul?

Terrell: I’m okay.

Iyanla: No you’re not.  You’re a 40-year-old veteran athlete who doesn’t have a team with no vision about what to do next. Four children who are looking up to you. When you lay your head down on your pillow in the quiet times when there’s nobody else, who be Terrell Owens?

Iyanla Vanzant to Terrell Owens: “You’ve Become a Victim of Your Talent”

On Saturday, November 2, Iyanla Vanzant sits down with NFL superstar Terrell Owens in an unforgettable start to a new season of Iyanla: Fix My Life. During their conversation, Terrell reveals how people thought he was at his best but how, in reality, he was sad and lonely. Watch Iyanla’s response to his admission in this first look.

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