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Evelyn Lozada Releases Fitness DVD


Basketball Wives Miami is apparently a wrap. But, it appears Evelyn Lozada has no plans of going anywhere any time soon. The business  woman continues to add to her brand. Her latest venture is a fitness DVD.

The reality TV show star recently partnered up with fitness guru, Zuzka Light, for an intense ab workout called Real Fit Female: Abs Slim Down.

The first of its series, Disc 1 offers three easy toning workouts designed to strengthen and sculpt the core while offering all around body toning. Specifically designed for women of all ages and fitness levels, Evelyn focused on creating an efficient way for women to feel and look their best starting with their mid-section!

Evelyn and Zuzka bring Real Fit Female Disc 1: Abs Slim Down, a core sculpting workout DVD, to all women at all levels of fitness. Even if you are a beginner and just starting to workout, this DVD is perfect for you!

These workouts are composed of simple ab exercises that will tighten your mid-section and leave you feeling fit! This DVD will help you slim down and get the abs you have always wanted while keeping your feminine curves!

You can purchase your  DVD here. Also, don’t forget Ev has a new book coming soon (Details here)

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