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Memphis Grizzlies Player Zack Randolph Donated Food Baskets to Families in Need at Carver High

The Memphis Grizzlies mean business this season. They have started this season off on a high note.They are blowing team, after team out the water. They even defeated the NBA champs Miami Heat. #Respectthegrind

However, on Thursday Zack Randolph stepped off the court to assit those that are less fortunate this holiday season. As Thanksgiving approaches there are so many families that are struggling due to the economy. Z-Bo gave away 400 boxed Thanksgiving meals to the families of students at Carver High School. Randolph payed for the meals himself, which included ham, stuffing, canned vegetables, macaroni and cheese, and dessert mix, as part of the Grizzlies’ Season of Giving effort. Zack is known for being often referred to as the ‘Gentle Giant”, because he is always willing to give back and he does it with a smile. #salute

This story has a personal spin to it for me; Zack is my guy and I’m a Carver Alumni. #COBRASBABY