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New Play Coming To Memphis: Mrs. Independent Feat: Robin Givens, Christopher Williams, Dottie Peoples And More…

mrs independent - memphis

Cannon Center

Memphis, TN

 November 8-9, 2014

Play Overview:

Can a woman still be submissive to her husband and allow him to lead her household if she is the primary breadwinner? Does the role reverse? These are the questions explored in Priest Tyaire’s critically acclaimed stage play, “Mrs. Independent.” While Trey, maintains an honest and respectable salary of $40,000 a year as a head mechanic, his wife Carleena, climbs the corporate ladder as an attorney and advances to a six figure salary. This creates not only a financial imbalance but also raises a question of Trey’s intellectual compatibility in Carleena’s mind and pushes their once equally yoked marriage further of course. With such a significant gap in the salaries it becomes increasingly impossible for Trey to satisfy his wife and leads to a downward spiral of emotional and spiritual conflicts in their relationship.

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