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Penny Hardaway Says ‘No’ To Job Offer At East High School


Opps!! Yesterday, social media was on fire. Reports began to surface that former NBA legend Penny Hardaway would be joining SCS’s East High School as coach. The Memphis native has deep roots in the city and is often seen all over town. He grew up in the Binghampton . He also worked as a referee of youth sports at the Memphis YMCA and played on the Memphis Y.M.C.A. Jr. Olympic basketball teams as a youth.

Well, this morning, that does not appear to be the case.

According to WMC-TV:

Former Memphis Tiger All-American Penny Hardaway tells WMC Action News 5’s Jarvis Greer he’s not looking to get into high school coaching at this time.

A former NBA All-Pro, Hardaway says he’s enjoying life playing golf and traveling. He said if he ever wanted to get on the bench full-time, he’d call his own news conference to let everyone know.

Well, it looks like East High School is back to the drawing board. I think Penny will be an asset if he ever decided to take on the job. Also, it would be for the love of the kids and the sport not the money; cause he’s account is nice!

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