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[Pics] Yo Gotti’s Sister Launches ‘Almost Rich’ Clothing Line

 Owners: Robin Mims and Erin Lockhart
Owners: Robin Mims and Erin Lockhart

I recently attended a launch party for ‘Almost Rich’ Clothing in downtown Memphis. It was such a nice event. The music, vibe and layout was so soothing. Almost Rich is a clothing line started by two young ladies, Robin Mims and Erin Lockhart.

Robin is the sister to Memphis rapper Yo Gotti.

 Yo Gotti & Robin Mimms
Yo Gotti & Robin Mimms

The event was nicely laid out, very classy and upscale.  The line includes I-phone cases, candles, tees, tanks and jogging suits. The products are for both men and women. They were available for purchase and review during the launch event.

almost rich clothing launch

almost rich clothing launch

And of course the CMG family was in attendance. I spotted Don Trip, CMG’s newly signed  Wave Chapelle, momma Mims, Bij Jook and B. Mimms in attendance. The launch was a success, there were very few items left near the end of event.



According to the site:

Almost Rich is a controversial, graphic, and street inspired brand. Creators Robin Mims and Erin Lockhart combined dope cultural aspects of the streets, real life situations, and current trends to deliver bold statements creating an image of individuality and independence. “This is not a Hustle; This is a Brand.” Almost Rich is not just about our Net worth, it’s about adding our piece of the puzzle to the world. Its about adding value to other lives’ through community services and mentoring, with a self sufficient mindset: ADD your goals, SUBTRACT your fears, MULTIPLY your opportunities, DIVIDE your net worth and live “ALMOST RICH.”


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Visit the site here for more information and to check out their full line! Happy Shopping.

Congrats Robin and Erin on your success.

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