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Police Assaulted At Juicy J Concert

Last night 100′s of Juicy J fans packed in Cabana Sports Bar to see Mr. Trippy perform. However, the Memphis native never made it to the stage. The show was reportly cancelled after an officer was assaulted.

According to Source.com:

A Juicy J show was cancelled in Mid Land, Texas due to an assault on a Sheriff’s deputy before the show began.

We caught up with Sheriff Gary Painter of the Midland County Sheriff’s office and he stated that an off duty sheriff officer responded to a report of aggressive behavior reported by event security staff at the Juicy J show. As the officer was speaking with guests at the event, he was attacked and struck in the head with a beer bottle.

The crowd was dispersed my multiple police agencies in the area and the show was cancelled upon Juicy J’s arrival.

Four concert attendees were hospitalized for various injuries ranging from broken ribs to lacerations while another four individuals were arrested for disorderly conduct and assault.

Juicy J jumped on Instagram to defend his arrival:

“What happened in midland tx?????”  “What the f*&% happened man, I wanted to party.”

As you may recall, I recently told you about the heavy security at the Memphis Dub Car Show during Juicy apperance (here). I am not sure what is going on, but Juicy needs to be safe.

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