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Prom Fabness – Feat Dwayne Wade & Evelyn Lozada

Prom Season is upon us. As the graduating class of 2013 prepare to enter the real world, they all have the joy of enjoying their high school prom. But the number one question most high school student have is who will you take to the prom. Better yet, if you could take any person in the whole wide world to the prom who would it be?

Well, thanks to social media, more and more high schoolers are going out on the ledge and asking their celebrity crushes….

I mean who would you take to the prom, if you could choose anyone in the world? I may show up with Nelly, Dwight Howard or Idris Elba. Hey…a girl gotta have a dream. But back to the story.

Mr. Dwayne Wade and Evelyn Lozada recently gave to teens the time of their life by attending the prom with them.

Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade made one Florida teens dreams come true after her surprised her at her prom.


The girl made a YouTube video asking him to be her date. She also asked Wade last year and he never responded.

Wade said he accepted the teen’s invitation because he loved her persistence.

Well it all started back in September of last year when I met him at his book signing and I asked him if he could come to my Senior Homecoming.  He replied via Twitter that he would not be able to make it so I got the idea of making a video to ask him to come to my prom. I made the video and my sister sent it to a local news station who quickly got in contact with me for an interview. From there, everyone found out about it. I didn’t expect for Wade to show up because of the playoffs that are going on right now but he did! I was extremely shocked when he walked in! It was a surprise for not only me, but all of my classmates. After he walked in we danced for a while and then stepped outside for some pictures and interviews with local news stations. Him and Gabrielle Union both later put up pictures on Instagram of the event. It is all still so surreal to me, I can’t believe it happened!

When asked how her prom date felt about Dwyane showing up, she responded:

I actually ended up taking a close friend of mine and he was completely okay with Dwyane Wade coming. That’s his favorite basketball player so he was extremely excited to meet him.I had been at prom for about an hour before Dwyane got there. When he arrived, he called my teacher’s phone and I spoke to him. He pretended to not be there and told me that he was sorry he couldn’t make it and that he hopes I have a good time. Two seconds later, he’s walking in with a bouquet of roses in his hand!

When D. Wade was interviewed by the local news, he explained his last minute decision to make Nicole’s dream come true:

She continued to keep going for it – no matter how many times I said I am going to be busy. [She tweeted me saying,] ‘This is the address, this is where I’m going to be just in the case.’ When I got that, I said, ‘I won’t be doing nothing tomorrow night and I can go and make this a memorable moment for her.’

He also posted on Instagram:

I had a blast at Prom w @nicole_muxo… Never be 2 scared to ask.. They might just say yes…#dreamsdocometrue


Check out the video:

Evelyn Lozada recently accepted a request via Twitter to attend the prom with Anthony Nelson, a Senior at West Bloomfield High School. He asked her to be his date in 10/2012 and she accepted.

evelyn lozada

Ev’s rep states the reality star wasn’t able to attend her own prom because at the time, she was pregnant with her daughter Shaniece.  So, this was a chance for her to experience for the first time what the seniors in high school look forward to.

Evelyn said, “I had the absolute time of my life and never experienced anything like this before because I wasn’t able to attend my own prom. I felt so special and Anthony is a really good kid, his family was so sweet and everyone welcomed me with open arms. We all had a great time and I’m so happy to be here!”


The teen was so excited her invited momma nem, bookie nem, Rico nem and all his family to come over and witness it.



Evelyn gave us a detailed account of her night on her blog:

I just attended West Bloomfield High School’s prom in Bloomfield, MI at the Detroit Country Club.  Last year, out the blue, my Twitter follower Anthony Nelson, a Senior at West Bloomfield High School, asked me to be his prom date via Twitter and naturally, I said YES!  He even requested that I wear red, which I did!  LOL

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend my prom when I was in high school because I was pregnant with my daughter Shaniece, but this was such an awesome experience and I was so honored.

I want to thank Anthony and his mom Sean Nelson for opening their home to me! Anthony’s entire family and friends came by his house to see him off to prom and it was amazing, he even bought me a corsage!!!  I’ve never had a corsage! You guys don’t understand how HAPPY I was!! My date was decked out in a custom made tuxedo and black Chanel shoes looking as handsome as ever.

Thank you also to my stylist Jason Sky for making me feel beautiful on my first prom night and to my publicist Danika Berry for coordinating everything.

And, thank you to everyone who came out to support and West Bloomfield High School for having me!!!!!

Dinner was good too, my prom date took me to Coach Insignia. #Ifeelspecial

I had the time of my LIFE!





Aww this is so sweet of them. I wonder how many of yall kiddos gonna be extending invitations to their celebrity crushes next year. #thereishope

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