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[Pics] Snootie Wild & Zed Zilla Perform At Yo Gotti’s 2nd Annual Birthday Bash

yo gotti and snootie wild

CMG’s artists Zed Zilla and Snootie Wild took to the stage on June 15, 2014 to a sold out crowd in downtown Memphis. Yo Gotti’s 2nd Annual Birthday Bash brought the city out. Snootie performed his highly successful single ‘Yayo’ along with a few of his new songs from CMG’s ‘Chapter One’. The crowd went crazy when Snootie took to the stage.

yo gotti and snootie wild

In addition to performing Snootie Wild, Zed Zilla took to the stage to represent for South Memphis. Zilla is the first signee under the CMG brand. Zed has a large fan base and has been rocking with Yo Gotti for a while. The fans loved the fact the local artist put on a great show and represnt the city and the CMG brand well.

yo gotti and zed zilla

Keep your eyes open for Snootie and Zed’s next projects. In the mean time, be sure to check them out on the CMG ‘Chapter One’ mixtape.

NOTE: The way this venue is set up, it is hard to get good shots unless you in front of the stage. After the pushing and shoving last year; I opted to hang out in the VIP Box. Also, I’m a blogger not a photographer:)! Hope you enjoyed the shots.

Enjoy the pictures:











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